The Move for Ratification on Harmless Cooking; Liquefied Petroleum Gas-Women Wing


  Over time, the women wing in LPG global network itched government to push daring and anticipatory strides by instituting a ruling on harmless cookery.
  The plea results from soaring health jeopardy in concomitant with the use of solid gases like charcoal in domiciles.

   Mrs. Nkechi Obi who is the National Coordinator of the Nigerian Chapter of WINLPG indicated that women in Nigeria had to unite with their counterparts around the world to mark the International Women’s Day. This she said relying on the indispensability of caution for safe cooking. She goes on to say that there cannot not be any favorable moment than now for government to dishearten Nigerian domiciles from the use of solid gas in the discharge of their culinary skills.

  Still on her speech, “everyday, innumerable women and girls all over the world inhale toxic fumes while cooking and exhaust more time while walking distance to acquire cooking fuel. It does not end there, these gases have far reaching effects on the environment as they add up to global warming and climate change”.

  “Start by creating awareness, launch a female focused initiative, invest in female leadership and set up brave targets for gender make-up of the government at all levels”. The coordinator expounded that government ought to make an instrument of the National Orientation Agency to propel the campaign to swap from firewood and kerosene to healthy cooking gas”.  

  This will go a long way to dissolve irrational fear and enhance public consciousness that Liquefied Petroleum Gas is clean, safe and affordable, as well as uncover the threat intrinsic in the prolonged use of solid gas and kerosene for cooking.

  She added “global warming and climate change are directly responsible for increased global temperature, flooding, desertification and food insecurity. At best, our cooking habits are even at cross purposes with our sustainable development goals”.


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