Roles played by mhealth in the control of Ebola in Africa underreported – expert


An expert has disclosed that the roles played by mhealth in the control of Ebola in some African countries including Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone, were underreported in the media.

According to Darrell M. West, Founding Director, Center for Technology Innovation, The Brookings Institution, mobile innovation provided an opportunity to strengthen the capacity of clinicians and increase the quality of timeliness of delivery of critical services during the Ebola outbreak, in addition to other areas such as maternal and child health services.

“They have brought needed medical expertise to frontline health workers, systematized the compilation of patient information, tracked the spread of epidemics, and boosted disease training, diagnosis, and treatment,” he said.

According to him, the bottom line is that mobile solutions represent a valuable way to improve patient treatment and public health reporting in the developing world.

Speaking on his paper entitled Using mobile technology to improve maternal health and fight Ebola: A case study of mobile innovation in Nigeria, the expert examined mHealth applications in Africa. In particular, he focuses on Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone and takes a brief look at other innovations occurring in the North African country of Morocco. West examines how mobile technologies have improved maternal health care and helped deal with disease outbreaks such as Ebola.

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