Pregnancy series: Before you get pregnant


Have you been pregnant before or pregnant even now, what are your experiences with pregnancy?

A lot of young females are passing through this lovely condition in isolation with all its challenges with no one to ask questions, pregnancy is an honorable state, and should be enjoyed not endured, therefore, let’s come together to shed light on all the worrisome areas to make pregnancy a beautiful and memorable experience for everyone.

Though a lot of people still find themselves there unknowingly, battling with unwanted pregnancy. One in ten females are on a type of contraceptive method therefore making pregnancy a source of headache instead of happiness. Embrace a method of family planning today and receive eternal deliverance from mediocrity.

For those that really desired pregnancy, either about to wed where your spouse families are insisting on getting you pregnant before marrying you, in marriage as in immediately after wedding or you are on your second or third born and so on, there are things that are required of us to do before getting pregnant which includes;

  1.  Schedule a preconception visit
  2.  Take folic acid (and watch out for vitamin A)
  3.  Give up binge drinking, smoking, and drugs – and get help if you need it
  4.  Stock your fridge with healthy foods
  5.  Check your caffeine intake
  6.  Aim for a healthy weight
  7.  Consider money matters
  8.  Consider your mental health
  9.  Avoid infections
  10.  Reduce environmental risks
  11.  Think  your decision through
  12. Figure out when you ovulate
  13. Stop your birth control method if on any

We will be discussing why each and everyone of them is important as we move on in the series.




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