Over 100 nurses and midwives in northern Nigeria will not retire because their state has manpower shortage.

This week, the government of Gombe state in northern Nigeria granted the retirement waiver to more than 100 retiring nurses and midwives over dearth of nurses and midwives in the state. According to media report, the affected staff ought to retire this year.

Speaking to newsmen, the state’s Head of Service, Daniel Musa Mohammed, revealed that the state government had averted serious crises in the health sector following the waiver granted to the retiring staff. He revealed that the state does not have enough nurses and midwives that could take over from the over 100 that were billed to retire from service this year.

“The shortage of manpower in the health sector prompted the state government to grant the waiver policy, which is the only way we can reduce the deficit and avert crisis in the state health sector,” he said.

He added that the number of nurses and midwives retiring annually outnumbered those gaining admission into the schools of Nursing and Midwifery. With the waiver, he said there would be reduction in cost since the state government was spending a lot in re-engaging the retired personnel as contract staff.


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