Nigeria’s digital health stakeholders meet in Lagos to chart industry’s course for 2017


Today, Nigeria’s digital health players meet in Lagos to develop ecosystem. Paul ADEPOJU reports

Today Wednesday January 4, players in Nigeria’s digital health space are meeting for the first time in Nigeria’s commercial capital city of Lagos in what is described as a major attempt to develop an ecosystem for health startups in the country.

Speaking to HealthNewsNG, one of the facilitators of the meeting, Wella Health’s Founder, Ikpeme Neto, said the the meet and greet provides an avenue for an informal introduction of players in the Nigerian health and tech space.

“It is one of our attempts at achieving our aim of developing a ecosystem for health tech startups in the country. Anyone who is currently involved in or is interested in learning about what the space looks like in Nigeria is welcome to attend,”he said.

According to him, the organisers are specifically targeting software developers and practicing health professionals. He revealed that the goal is to have such events 2-3 times a year in different Nigerian cities.

“The purpose of the first meeting this year is to provide an opportunity for people to share their interests and goals and have discussions about how the community can support one another. We will also briefly discuss our plans for the next year which includes a hackathon in the first quarter of the year and opportunities for joining our team,”he told HealthNewsNG.

Is health tech ready for disruption in Nigeria? 

Neto argued that many opportunities exist in Nigeria’s digital health space but a measured and collaborative approach is needed to unlock the abundant potential.

“Hence the reason for ‘Digital Health Nigeria’, a strategic initiative designed to improve access to resources, education and capital for digital health startups, entrepreneurs and practitioners. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that produces many financially and socially successful Nigerian health tech companies,” he said.


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