‘Nigeria has become a fertile ground for emerging and reemerging infectious diseases’


Nigerian govt reportedly ignored warnings that could have prevented Monkeypox and other diseases

The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) has expressed concerns over the monkey pox outbreak ravaging Nigeria – describing it as one health emergency too many for the  country in recent times.

“Our Association is miffed at this development which has exposed Nigerians to preventable and treatable diseases,” AMLSN stated.

It added that the spread of the disease reverberates the sordid disgust on the lack of concrete action by government in curtailing the resurgence of haemorrhagic fevers, meningitis and other infectious diseases in the country in spite of several appeals by AMLSN and other stakeholders on the need to establish and equip Public Health Laboratories, Human Vaccines Laboratories as well as viable and Integrated Surveillance System.

It added that the decision of some elements in the Nigerian government to continue to take sides with pathologists is proving to be counterproductive for the nation.

“Funny enough, the Ministers never saw the need to convince government to create enabling environments and  opportunities for Medical Laboratory Scientists, Pharmacists and others in the health sector to strengthen the health system in Nigeria to a level that our country will face her health challenges head on and avoid the incessant embarrassments from infectious diseases,” AMLSN stated.

The association slammed the Nigerian government for not heeding continuous calls for establishments of state, regional and national public health laboratories for routine medical surveillance  of infectious diseases before their embarrassing outbreaks. 

The association then called on Nigerians and all the stakeholders in Nigerian project  to wake up from our deep slumber to avert more perilous health challenges in Nigeria by rescuing the health sector from imminent collapse.


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