These Essential Oils can help you avoid hair loss and improve your hair


These Essential Oils can help you avoid hair loss and improve your hair

As we grow older, our roots get weaker and we face the struggle of hair loss, something that can be embarrassing and discouraging.  Other common problems that many people face is dry hair, breakage, damaged ends, and slow growth. It can be easy to want to remedy these things fast by believing anything that a tube of shampoo tells you, but you’ll get the best results and the healthiest hair by going a natural route to protect your luscious locks. Oils are very good for your hair and can bring you several benefits, as well as improve the overall health of your strands and scalp.

The Essentials

The glands on our scalp are meant to create sebum, a natural oily layer that protects our heads and keeps our hair healthy. Man-made products and harsh weathers as well as chemicals such as chlorine or hairspray can affect the sebum that our scalp produces, leaving us with flaky skin and dry, damaged hair. Helping your head out by giving it some oil in addition to what it creates on a good, normal day can be a great way to stay moisturized and protected.

A few essences that are great for your hair and provide excellent benefits when used on your scalp include:

  •         Lavender oil
  •         Lemon oil
  •         Peppermint oil
  •         Rosemary oil
  •         Cedar oil
  •         Chamomile oil
  •         Thyme oil

You’ll want to make sure you mix these oils with something less potent, such as coconut oil, before applying to your scalp to avoid overloading your glands and giving you harmful effects rather than helpful ones. You can mix different oils together for different benefits and experiment until you find the combinations that work best for your skin and hair. Not everyone is the same, so it may take a couple of hit and miss tries to discover your best formula.

Other Oils

It doesn’t stop at the basics, of course. There are several different natural products and oils out there that are excellent for your hair, and each offer unique benefits and tips for using them to the best of their ability.

For example, neem tree oil is very beneficial for your scalp and promotes hair growth and thickness, and is also known to get rid of head lice and other ailments. Though it does come with it’s own set of downsides, like any product either natural or man-made, it can help solve issues quickly and set you up for a maintaining phase that can be supplemented with other oils.

An alternative to neem tree oil is castor oil, a popular substance used for hair-care. Many use it for skin cleansing, which has proven to be a great way to help clear your skin and keep it healthy. You can easily add castor oil into your hair-care routine with a few simple tricks. It is used to prevent hair-loss and hasten hair-growth up to 3 times faster than the average rate.


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