Collaboration announced to strengthen HIV treatment and prevention


17 developing countries to benefit from HIV management-targeted collaboration…

Advanced Biological Laboratories S.A. and Right to Care  enter into an exclusive distribution and development collaboration (open source) agreement covering EQUIP in 17 developing countries to strengthen HIV (and other infectious disease) treatment and prevention.

Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL) S.A. and Right to Care today announced that they entered into a license agreement for the distribution of ABL products. The agreement is open source access to ABL’s products for Right to Care and exclusive distribution rights in 17 countries covered by EQUIP, a USAID funded programme, led by Right to Care. The intention is to collaborate in the development, testing and scaling of innovative approaches that increase HIV testing, care and treatment. The implementation vehicle for this collaboration is a joint venture between the Right to Care Group and the Foundation for Professional Development Group called Qode.

The agreement is effective immediately and covers a large panel of ABL software (as well as all the future enhancements on such system following interactions with infectious diseases experts) including electronic medical record systems (TherapyEdge® and Nadis®), viral hepatitis web register (HepatiC®), Woman Health related web register (WHP), an innovative consolidation and reporting platform specifically designed for medical and related data (Octoplus™), and Sanger/NGS reagents and the related data analysis platform (ViroScore® and DeepChek®) software which are already CE & IVD certified.

“This is the first time in ABL history where we have provided access to the source code of our products to improve and adapt them to local needs. Through our relationship with Right to Care, we aim to provide broadest access at local pricing to contribute to improved patient clinical outcomes. Our large product portfolio consists of clinical and laboratory software, drug resistance and genotyping products in the field of infectious diseases (HIV, TB, Viral Hepatitis and other infectious diseases). With the experience of Right to Care, we will build personalized tools, enable current and future programs led by PEPFAR and NGOs, to address specific needs to help the local populations and authorities benefit from optimal patient management systems and products,” said Dr Chalom Sayada, CEO of ABL.

Prof Ian Sanne, CEO of Right to Care, comments, “We are grateful for ABL’s vision to support developing countries with crucial data analysis requirements. We trust this collaboration will be mutually beneficial.”


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