Sunday , 5 April 2015

UCH Ibadan debuts open heart surgery in Nigeria

Nigeria’s premier teaching hospital, the University College Hospital Ibadan has become the first hospital in Nigeria to perform an open heart surgery. The surgery was performed on a 19-year old boy to correct a leaking heart valve.
According to Prof. Temitope Alonge, the operation lasted more than four hours and was carried out by the hospital in conjunction with a team from Tri-State Cardiovascular Delaware, USA, led by Dr. Kamar Adeleke.
“We are the pioneer teaching hospital in Nigeria, and we should be taking the lead. We are going to do this and we intend to make it a continuous exercise. In fact, within the next six months, we intend carrying out not less than 30 heart related surgeries and at a price that will be easily affordable to Nigerians,” Alonge said.


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