Radiology has the power to transform how healthcare is delivered – Philips


Philips strongly believes that radiology has the power to transform how healthcare is delivered

HealthNewsNG spoke to George Uduku, Business Development Manager, Health Systems, Philips West Africa on the sidelines of Medic West Africa on Philips’

Kindly shed light on Philips’ journey to Nigeria

Philips has been in Africa for over a hundred years and it decided to come into Nigeria soon after it got to Africa.

How will you describe the Medic West Africa exhibition and conference?

It’s been fantastic. It’s something we do every year. We are always happy to be here. This year will be show casing our innovative solutions; all connected, all integrated along the entire continuum of care. What that means is we have solutions that are relevant for healthcare, healthy living, for prevention, for diagnosis, treatment. And all these various solutions are connected to each other, share information across and that way we strive to make health care very personal.

What is your perspective of Nigeria’s healthcare system?

Like every healthcare system in the world, there are always opportunities for continuous improvement. We at Philips are leveraging our deep clinical expertise, our data management capabilities, our strong consumer insights and our ability to create partnerships. We are leveraging all these to shape the way healthcare is delivered in Nigeria.

Nigeria currently has Forex issues, what are its potential impacts on your industry?

We are so very much on the ground. We focus on the things we do every day. That hasn’t changed our core believes, our commitment and what we do, we continue to drive innovative solutions that are connected, we continue to show and demonstrate our commitment to ongoing clinical training. This year we are doing two masterclasses in Medic West Africa and we continue to work hand in hand with various stake holders and partners to bring about transformational changes in healthcare. We believe that radiology plays a central role in clinical management and we continue to do everything we can to ensure that patients benefit from these various innovative solutions.

So the forex issue didn’t really impact your business?

The forex issue is an issue, it’s a reality we all face as it were. It creates its own unique challenges but the thing about forex challenge is that it is a macroeconomic challenge faced by everyone in the market so it does not distract us from doing what we do every day and driving our core mission which is to improve life through meaningful innovation.

What are your product portfolios?

We have a very broad portfolio of products and solutions across the continuum of care in a couple of clinical areas. We have strong focus on cardiology, we have a strong focus on women’s health, we have strong focus on oncology. Some of the equipment you will see being show cased in medic west Africa this year includes the CS50 ultra sound which combines breakthrough innovations in ultrasound technology with portability. It’s a fantastic device for cardiac imaging. We have the fluoroscopy solutions that really drives value in terms of efficient use of the room. With have a telespace portal which is a workstation that combines radiology technology with information management. We use this for advanced image processing. It’s also a collaborative tool that drives workflow efficiency and we have a fantastic ventilator device for ICU care.

What sets you apart from other big players in the space?

I think it’s our holistic approach to patient and health care. We have a very broad portfolio connected and integrated across the entire continuum of care. If you talk cardiology for examples, we have our air fryer that allows you and I and our friends out there to enjoy those foods we like and enjoy so much (fried chicken, plantain etc) without oil and that ensures that in the first place, we keep your cholesterol level low enough to avoid you having to walk into a hospital with a heart problem. Should in case you come into the hospital, we have our CS50 ultrasound, a brilliant imaging modality that will identify problems very quickly, very early on, we have solutions like catlabs to intervene in the heart whenever the heart vessels get blocked. We have all kinds of monitoring apparatus that allows you to go home quicker and be monitored from home and enable you to share that information with your doctor in the hospital. No other company has these broad portfolio of integrated solutions, connected solutions integrated across the continuum of care. So for us, what sets us apart is our holistic approach to patient care. How we do it in a very personal way.

What is your view on health financing and access to equipment by rural/small health facilities?

A lot the complex problems in healthcare are solved through innovative technologies and through partnerships. As much as possible, we have solutions that improve access to care. We have solutions that ensure that as much as possible, we keep patients away from seeking the more expensive aspects of healthcare delivery and we do this in a very personal way. You find that people are taking greater charge increasing of their healthcare. People are making the right decisions around their healthcare in terms of how they live their lives and also how early they seek care and all of these in a way is reducing cost and improving outcomes and improving accessibility to care.

Do you take a proactive and preventive approach to ensure they don’t become patients in the first place

Yes, that’s the Philips way and approach. For example, upstairs we have a juice bar to demonstrate our holistic approach again to health delivery. We encourage participants in the congress to take a moment for a healthy break and we treat them to some nice fresh fruit juice and smoothies. That’s the Philips approach, we put technology (solutions) in the hands of people to enable them take charge of their health, live healthy lives where necessary, access care, enable the doctors to make the right decisions the first time, give all kinds of tools to support decision making. All in all, these various solutions improve health outcomes, prevent complications and prevent long term cost.  That’s the Philips approach.

What is the latest trend in diagnostics?

At Philips, one of our strengths is our deep consumer insights. We are a healthcare company through and through. We have professional healthcare arm and we also have a consumer arm as well. Some of the trends are seen around patient safety, minimally invasive diagnosis, dose reduction (that also relates to patient safety in way) and what we call ubiquitous care. Meaning that I should be able to access care whenever I want, wherever I want and that is something we do about product innovations. Off course, all these innovations have to be cost effective and they have to drive efficiency.

What does the future entail for the industry?

Radiology has the power to transform how healthcare is delivered. Radiology plays a very central role in terms of clinical decisions and the ability to detect diseases early, characterize them early as well, plan treatment and treatment assessment as well. Radiology has a crucial role to play in this area and Philip’s holistic approach and advancements in radiology is really driving to a great extent, this transformation in terms of early detection and treatment planning and assessment, good patient outcomes, cost reduction and efficiency in the health system.

What Philips equipment are you most proud of?

The cs50 because of how effectively is combines cutting edge innovation with portability.


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