[OPINION] How public figures and celebrities can promote public health awareness and actions

Chibuike Alagboso
In July, internet and social media platforms were flooded with news of the birth of Prince George because people are much interested in the lives and times of the royal family and other celebrities.

But with the frenzy and excitement, many public health experts are already analyzing the potential public health benefits if Prince William and Duchess Catherine publicly carry out all preventive treatment plans pioneered by various governments and non-governmental organizations. These include vaccination.
In a tweet, a health and development blogger, Laura Seay of Texas in Africa called the attention of the royal family to this issue:
 “The Cambridges could do a lot of good by having their son vaccinated, on schedule, for everything, in public,” Seay tweeted.

It’s a fact that in today’s world, many people look up to leaders, celebrities and other public figures to execute many actions and join celebrity-fronted causes. In this light of this,  efforts should be intensified to ensure that leaders, famous and respected individuals in the society promote public health awareness; they should be enjoined to actively and positively mobilize people for change.

In many African nations that are battling with high rates of illiteracy, pushing out more information has not yielded desired results. This is because even when every needed information is given to an individual, the oomph to do something about the information is usually lacking. But with the celebrities they see on TV daily at the fore front of such causes, many citizens would develop interest in such.

Even in the developed nations of the world such as the United Kingdom, the impact of the celebrities in promoting public health issues cannot be overemphasized. Imagine how the royal couples can significantly raise awareness on immunization if they use a public immunization center.

Many parents will adhere to their children’s vaccination schedules not just because they are good parents but it’s also an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the royal family; there is also the possibility of getting noticed and selected for a picture with the family – something they can share on social media.


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    In this light of frenzy and excitement for celebrities, efforts should be intensified to ensure that famous celebrities and respected individuals in the society promote awareness for social causes.

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