Trying to lose weight? Femi shares scientifically proven tricks that don’t involve exercise or changing diet 

Losing weight can be a struggle, especially when forcing yourself not to eat certain foods you love and dragging yourself to the gym can be a painful process. What if I told you there is an easier way to lose weight without changing your diet or starting a new exercise program?

The answer is simple. Plate hacks.

All you need is to understand these two simple plate hacks:

1.Using smaller plates

When it comes to cutting down portions (and calories), using smaller plates is by far the easiest way.

You see, the reason why using smaller plate leads to a reduction in portion size is because ofDelboeuf Illusion which is an optical illusion. It works based on visual perception bias where things look bigger than they are when compared with things that are smaller.

For example, look at the two plate below:

Which plate has more food, left or right?

If your answer is left, then you’re wrong. But if your answer was right, then you’re also wrong. The right answer is they both have exactly the same amount of food. However, plate on the left appears to contain more food because it’s on a smaller plate.

To further prove that using smaller plates works like magic for portion control, two researchers (Dr Brian Wansink and Dr Koert van Ittersum) conducted a study and concluded that a shift from 12–inch plates to 10–inch plates resulted in a 22% decrease in calories.

So the whole point is this: Use smaller plates to trick your brain to think it’s eating more food. Doing this will help you consume fewer calories, therefore you’ll lose weight without even trying too hard.

If that doesn’t work well, then you’ll definitely want to check out at the next hack

Use the right plate colour  

It turns out that the size of your plate is not the only thing that affects your portion size. Dr Brian Wansink and Dr Koert van Ittersum discovered that the colour of your plate can also determine your how much you eat.

In their experiment, they asked a group to serve themselves pasta premixed with a red tomato sauce. And the other group to serve themselves pasta premixed with a white Alfredo sauce. Each participant was given a white plate or a dark red plate at random.

The results came in and the researchers discovered that people who had a matching plate with the colour of their foods eat about 30% more. Put in another way, people who eat pasta with red tomato sauce on a dark red plate ate almost 30% more than people who eat on a white plate. Same with the people with white Alfredo sauce on a white plate compared to a dark red plate.

The reason for this is that the quantity of food does not appear to be much if it blends in with the colour of your plate and vice versa

The moral of the story? Serve your food on a plate with a high contrasting colour with your food, so that you’re more like to serve yourself less.

There you have it, try out these two plate hacks and share your result.


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