Healthcare delivery can promote economic stability and national security – Dr James Rice

An expert has enjoined stakeholders in the Nigerian health sector to deploy excellent healthcare delivery to achieve economic stability and to foster national security.  

Dr James Rice, Project Director, Management Science of Health USA, stated this while speaking at the opening ceremony of this year’s West Africa Health Expo in Lagos. The guest speaker spoke on “Strong Health Sectors: Essential to National Vitality, Growth and Security Strategies to address the challenges and opportunities”.
Other speakers included Dr. Mambidzeni Madzivire, International Finance Corporation, Mr Ngu Morcho, GE Health Care, Dr Leke Pitan, Africa Advisor, International Health Federation,  Mrs Foluke Sanni, People Affairs, Dr Efunbo Dosekun of Childrens Outreach Hospital, Festac and Dr Ibrahim Wada of Nisa Premier Hospital Abuja.
The Expo also hosted the Hospital CEO Forum, Cardiology Training, Medical Laboratory Scientists training and the job fair.
The opening ceremony had in attendance about 1000 participants which included stakeholders in the Nigerian health sector such as Dr. Jide Idris, Honorable Commissioner of Health Lagos State, and Dr Olaokun Soyinka, Honorable Commissioner of Health Ogun State.
Dr. Olaokun Soyinka decried the existing dichotomy that exists between healthcare delivery at the primary healthcare level and the quest for contemporary and hi-tech medical equipments.
According to him, most of the equipments cannot perform optimally at the grassroots due to the erratic power supply and other challenges. He advised against committing large proportion of resources towards the procurement of expensive infrastructures, jettisoning cheaper and more affordable technologies that could be distributed across primary healthcare centers. 

The WAH Expo continues today and tomorrow with the Health Service Excellence Workshop which will be chaired by Dr. Tamunoiyoriari. S. Parker, Hon. Commissioner of Health, River State. Other events are the National E-health Summit, Ultrasound workshop, Pediatrics workshop, Nursing and midwives workshop and job fair. 

Below are some images HealthNewsNG captured at the opening ceremony


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