Sunday , 5 April 2015
Health takes center stage at SMWLagos

Health takes center stage at SMWLagos

Issues related to health were the focus at the ongoing Social Media Week conference holding in Nigeria’s commercial capital city of Lagos.

Health issues were discussed at three sessions. The first session to be hosted by Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative will be dealing with Living healthy and living social at the Social Media Week Experience stage of the main event location.

The second session dealing with the #StopVag online campaigns and their effectiveness since inception will be hosted by Hacey Health Initiative at the American Corner also located on the Island. The last session will be dealing with an interesting topic – Creating a World That Understands Autism with Your Smartphone. It will be hosted by at the Social Media Week Masterclass suite.

Social Media Week kicked off in Lagos on the 22nd of February and has been featuring several sessions and dealing with issues in various sectors of the Nigerian economy with focus on intersection with social media.

Sectors that are getting much focus this year include business, marketing, media, governance, and entertainment.

Full schedule for the social media week can be available here.

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