Hand Washing is the Easiest Way to Stop the Spread of Germs


Adhere to proper hand washing practice to reduce cases of infection from microorganisms

It should come as no surprise that humans pass germs from one another in a variety of ways: we’re always sneezing and coughing and breathing all over the place. Usually, we are sneezing and coughing into our hands. There was a movement a number of years ago that suggested people start coughing and sneezing into the elbows, but that doesn’t stop the wisest of us from just hacking up a lung without any regard for who is around them. Have you ever been stuck on an airplane next to someone who just keeps coughing and doesn’t have the common sense to even use their hand to cover their mouth – imagine tapping this person on their shoulder and telling them to cough into their elbow. They know. They have the internet. They just choose not to participate. So while that person is probably not the best hand washer in the world, it doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on your hand washing responsibilities.

Hand washing is a really easy way to reduce the spread of germs. All day long we touch our faces, hair, eyes, ears, scratch our butts, pick our noses…and then we shake hands with someone. And now they have just been exposed to all the nose picking and butt scratching that were enjoyed earlier. But if you washed your hands – and hopefully you did recently – the nature of the exposure is limited for that other person. But did they wash their hands? Ugh, don’t get me started.

All over the world from Bangkok to New York, people come into contact with each other in a myriad of ways. And while thinking about how many people aren’t washing their hands could become a debilitating thought for some of us, it is much easier to just make sure we are washing our hands frequently.

It may seem juvenile, but you’ve seen the person leave the public restroom without even glancing down at the sink. And then you watch them eat their food from across the restaurant…with their hands. I bet those french fries taste delicious. All full of germs and what not. It’s such a problem in society, that there are large posters now hanging in public bathrooms that show people how to wash their hands. Don’t these jerks know how to wash their hands? Of course they do. Those signs aren’t meant to educate – they are a passive aggressive attempt at reminding people to scrub down before heading back out into the world.

So rather than curling up in the fetal position and worrying about how often the rest of the world is washing their hands, you just worry about your hands. Make sure you are frequently washing your hands, especially in public. Use hot water and soap. Again, it seems obvious, but people just like to twist on and twist off the faucets. It’s almost like they are embarrassed to be ashing their hands in public? I don’t know. Just do the world a favor and wash your hands.


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