Can we ever live stress-free in Nigeria?


Can we ever live stress-free in Nigeria?

Every day on the news and online we are encouraged to reduce stress, manage stress, eliminate stress. I coach a lot of people on stress management, so one of the voice you’d hear about stress is mine. Let me explain stress to you.

Stress is your body’s way of responding to a perceived threat. If you have an interview coming up, or an unpleasant boss or you’ve come face to face with a robber, or you have serious deadlines at work these are stressors, your body responds in different ways to them, and the response varies from individual to individual. You may develop insomnia, digestive disorders, acne, headaches, increase blood pressure, weight gain, weight loss, loss of hair, brittle nails, poor memory etc. It goes on. The sad truth is that constant exposure to stress permanently changes the way your brain functions, but that’s a topic for another day. We encourage people to identify and eliminate stressors. A stressor is anything that causes you stress.

Let’s bring it down to Nigeria. Some stressors we face daily are the threat of getting kidnapped or robbed, the decline of your business, the poor electricity supply, poor roads, increasing cost of living, unemployment, economic downturn, extreme heat, societal pressures etc. There are a lot of stressors for us. How do we eliminate them? The truth is you really can’t eliminate all of them. What are you going to do about the poor economy?

The only way we can live stress-free in Nigeria is by choosing how we interpret and respond to stressors. See them as challenges to help keep you alert and make you better. Practice things like mindfulness, exercising and eating right to keep you healthy as well. Staying healthy enables you to respond better to stress. You can live stress-free in Nigeria, but it would take your commitment.


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