How to Brush Your Teeth without a Toothbrush


You can maintain good oral care without a toothbrush. Here’s how

Do you not have a toothbrush? That’s completely fine. If you’re very adamant about the regular cleaning of your teeth, but you’re in a situation where you don’t have a toothbrush around, you need other ways to make do. In Africa especially you need to have clean teeth and to clean them regularly. You can’t skip out and expect to have a beautiful smile or a happy oral experience. If you’re outside and you don’t have your toothbrush with you, here are some ways you can still keep your teeth clean according to dental experts.

Wipe Them Down with Cloth

We usually do this to babies when they are first getting their teeth in because it is bad to expose them to the fluoride in toothpaste. However, wiping your teeth with a small damp cloth is also an excellent way to keep your adult teeth clean. You need fabric that is soft, yet not too soft. It shouldn’t be rough or abrasive in any way as you risk stripping the enamel away. The perfect cloth is one that has a texture similar to your toothbrush back home. You should still try and wipe it off with toothpaste too. A good procedure is to wrap the cloth around a single finger and use it as a makeshift brush.

Use a Good, Mild Mouthwash

People use mouthwash quite a lot today because it takes less effort than actually brushing their teeth. The problem with mouthwash is that it contains some pretty aggressive chemicals. These can cause some lasting damage to your teeth over time and can kill all the bacteria in your mouth. This includes the bacteria that helps your body digest food. Using mouthwash is only advisable if you have no other option. Do not make the use of it a regular thing either.

Try Chewing Gum Too

They all say chewing gum is bad, but it can be pretty good for cleaning your teeth! Gum is one of the best ways to improve the health of your teeth and gums because of the extra spit you create in your mouth when you chew it. Saliva is your body’s own mouthwash and can wash away all the harmful bacteria in there. The act of chewing gum also dislodges any food particles in hard to reach places. You should always make sure that you’re chewing sugarless gum, though. The last thing you need is the risk of cavities!

Drink Water When You Can

Water is a little like saliva in terms of what it can do for your oral health. It is a wondrous thing indeed, and you should be drinking a lot of it. When you go to the dentist, what do they use to clean your teeth? A high-pressure water dispenser, of course. That’s why you have to spit into the little bowl every ten seconds when you’re there. Water contains fluoride which can destroy harmful bacteria in your teeth and gums. It also washes away food particles and plaque that is forming on your teeth.


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