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Q&A: Kidney Transplant Patients Live Normal Lives after surgery – Singh


A senior consultant in surgical oncology in Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, India, Dr Vikram Singh, in this interview with WINIFRED ... Read More »

Merck Supports Schistosomiasis Education in Mozambique


This week in Namaacha, Mozambique, and together with German Bundesrat President Volker Bouffier, Merck Executive Board member Kai Beckmann presented ... Read More »

Gear up to End TB – WHO

Margaret Chan

As countries mark World Tuberculosis Day on March 24, WHO is calling for “global solidarity and action” to support a ... Read More »

JOHESU leader emerges NLC’s new chairman

health insurance

The leader of the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) has been elected the new chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress ... Read More »

Smartphones could predict the next major disease outbreak – expert

Dr. Leslie Saxon, who founded the Center for Body Computing at USC in Los Angeles, said she envisions a future ... Read More »

Telecom masts are not dangerous to human health – NCC

telecoms mast

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has stated that telecoms masts are not dangerous to human health. The commission’s Deputy Director ... Read More »

Roles played by mhealth in the control of Ebola in Africa underreported – expert

ebola mali

An expert has disclosed that the roles played by mhealth in the control of Ebola in some African countries including ... Read More »

New drug approved to combat drug-resistant bacteria

Phulwari Sharif School

The US FDA has approved a new drug that would boost the global fight against multi-drug resistant bacteria. The new ... Read More »

International Women’s Day 2015: Stakeholders call for end to maternal mortality


On this International Women’s Day, experts and partners on the NOTAGAIN Campaign have called for effective implementation of policies and ... Read More »

Applications being accepted for Grand Challenges grant opportunities

grand challenge

Read the statement below from the Gates Foundation announcing its Grand Challenges The Gates foundation and its Grand Challenges partners ... Read More »

Being first in the line for medical treatment


Medicine and medical treatments are specific in every way. For example, if you had a company and someone owed you ... Read More »

1.1 billion people at the risk of hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds – WHO


Being able to perform optimally in today’s fast paced world is certainly a function of many things and hearing is ... Read More »

New partnership announced for GSMA’s cross-ecosystem Pan-African mHealth initiative


Millicom (Stockholmsbörsen: MIC) has announced that it has joined the GSMA’s cross-ecosystem Pan-African mHealth initiative (PAMI) which is designed to ... Read More »

Health takes center stage at SMWLagos


Issues related to health were the focus at the ongoing Social Media Week conference holding in Nigeria’s commercial capital city ... Read More »

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