What is the AdvoCare 24-day weight loss challenge?


What is the AdvoCare 24-day weight loss challenge?

A key part of the AdvoCare 24-day weight loss challenge is the Herbal Cleanse. What is that, you ask? The diet starts with a period, in which you must cleanse your body of toxins. This is why the company will send you a package containing several things, among which 21 herbal capsules. The idea is that you can’t start losing weight if your body is clogged up with toxins. If you do, it might be dangerous for your health. After the cleanse, you will be ready to start losing weight and burning fat.

The second part of the diet involves taking Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. The package the company sends you will also contain a small bottle with the label “Omegaplex.” These pills are the real thing – studies indicate they really do contain fatty acids, so you can rest assured AdvoCare isn’t trying to rip you off. I recently came upon a 24 day challenge Advocare review saying their products were fake, but competition in the diet industry is so severe that I wasn’t surprised. Yes, there are many players on this market, and some of them want you to switch to a new (their) diet system and abandon your old one. To get you to do this, they disseminate misleading info and spread rumors about competing products online.

Who else could be behind these misleadingly negative reviews? Who else but failed dieters. No offense to you or people you know who may be such, but there are plenty of failed dieters out there who want to put the blame on someone or something. People who cheat while dieting will try to blame the company or diet plan.

What else does the challenge include? The package also contains an appetite control supplement called MNS. It’s in a small red box. MNS is short for Metabolic Nutrition System and helps reduce your appetite. Does it work? You’ll be the judge. Keep in mind that this part comes after the cleansing and the fatty acids.

One major advantage of the 24 Day Challenge is the diet manual, which is very easy to comprehend. It will tell you everything you need to know about weight loss and exactly what to do to lose weight. Do follow the instructions carefully – we don’t want another whiny failed dieter on our hands! The weight loss plan explains the diet system in perfectly understandable terms.

The manual begins with several pages about motivation. How bad do you want to lose weight? You’ll read before and after testimonials and see before and after pictures of successful dieters. There’s also a list of pros that shows you exactly what type of results you can expect.

Then you will learn how to take your measurements. This is a key point because seeing how much weight you have lost can motivate you to stick to the diet. You too will be able to post before and after pics online and show off your new body to friends and coworkers. Your partner and family will be so proud of you!


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