A disclosure on the nature of President Buhari’s ailment- Prof. Williams


A disclosure on the nature of President Buhari’s ailment- Prof. WilliamsProf. Williams Femi who is an authority in the field of medicine and anatomic pathology isolated anemia to be the illness President Buhari is plagued with.

He disclosed to The Nation in an interview that anemia was what instructed the blood transfusion at the time of his vacation in UK. In affirmation, upon his return, President Buhari admitted the tale of blood transfusion during his treatment.

This divulgence from Prof. Williams Femi left a reconciliation of President Buhari’s illness to anemia. In his words, he opined; “You cannot be transfused if you don’t have anemia. We now have a pretty good idea of diagnosis which is now comprehensive or good enough to say that the diagnosis of President Buhari’s illness is anemia”.

In line with William’s explanations, the president stated thus ” self-medication is one of our terrible things”. This he said while in a meeting behind closed doors with the Vice President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo shortly after his return to Nigeria. He continued, “we have to trust our doctors and trust ourselves because over there, they only take drugs when it’s absolutely necessary”.

Prof. Williams recalled Mr. President’s speech 18 months earlier that he had been feeling fatigue prior to his vacation. He went on to say that the clinical history from the President is typical of anemia. The anemia has been successfully corrected given that the President regained strength and returned home after the transfusion.

More so, many organs among the liver, heart, brain, heart, lungs and kidney are denied oxygenated blood for the healthy functioning of the body when there’s a preliminary diagnosis of anemia that entails inadequate blood measure going virulent. An important question in the President’s case remains; what is the cause of his anemia? Judging from the backdrop that he sustained no traffic or domestic accident that caused him loss of lots of blood, very close to possible answer to the question is the President’s caution against self-medication. Could it be that his ailment is drug incited? In a similar development, certain drugs also cause liver damage and anemia but this is improbably the situation in the president’s infliction since he was not jaundiced.

Observing differently, there are tendencies that some cancerous conditions stalk from other cancer types already existing in the body. Considering his looks upon his return which pictured loss of muscle mass on the face and in the area of his cheek bone arch below his ears, his anemia either lends to some cancerous condition somewhere in the body or age answers it all.


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